What do you need to do canoeing

To have more than 5 years, to know to swim 25m and immerse yourself.To have more than 5 years, to know to swim.

Is the Dordogne an easy river to canoe on ?

Classified in the first category for its lower part, only the part from Argentat to Beaulieu offers second category difficulty.

Do you need to have canoed before to canoe on the Dordogne ?

Not necessarily. If you have never done it, ask for a short training course before starting.

Can you bring children in the canoe ?

No, no children under 5 and unaccompanied

Can we take children Adventure canoeing ?

With teenagers it’s a great experience, but try and rent a craft adapted to them, it is not more expensive and everyone will have fun !

Can we go on a Canoeing & Camping Adventure without booking accommodation ?

Even in high season, the campsites along the DORDOGNE always warmly welcome canoes. For hotels, it’s better to book in advance.